By Brad VanFossan


We're standing on guard for thee...waiting to see, your country was synonymous with hockey.  But is it still?  You have yet to be defeated, but each win has felt like a loss, and Sidney Crosby is stuck in some sort of albatross. 


Your best scoring threats are defensive vets, your winning margin has caused lost bets.  Everyone thought this team would rock, instead it's got Babcock, pondering, thinking each day, should I put Chris Kunitz on the powerplay?


The people of Russia have paid good money to come and see ya, yet you almost lose to Latvia?  And every game it's a different jersey, I understand you want to make a few extra bucks, but c'mon, you're not the Oregon Ducks!


I'm talking smack as if they won't medal, but when the dust settles, they'll probably be sitting on top of the hockey pedestal.  Crossing my fingers that doesn't take place and the Wheaties box will boast Jonathan Quick's face.  It's been a Luongo time (get it?) since the U.S. took gold and with Carey Price in net, I'm not quite sold...that Canada's the team to beat, when the big maple leaf and stars and stripes meet.


Lately Phil Kessel has had ice running through his blood vessels.  Quick has been dare I say fast, boooooo, yeah that was lame, but the Olympics all come down to this game.  We can take over a nation's sport in 60 minutes, and bragging rights for four years if we win this. 


Let's go boys, I know you're all millionaires, but the gold around your neck is all you should care...about at this moment.  So while Putin is fuming and roaring his ugly head like Sarah Palin once said, let's show these Canucks that we're pretty damn tough.  Not only is the U.S. as good as Canada, they're better too, and when they win, we can call it the Miracle on Ice, Part II.