By Brad VanFossan


Week One, Tampa Bay, in the first half the Browns came ready to play.  But in the second half Jake channeled his inner Vinny Testaverde, and Josh Cribbs' uniform barely got dirty.


On to Cleveland against the Chiefs, could we end our slow start grief?  No, as Seneca threw a pick six, the quarterback position definitely needed fixed.


The Ravens were next, and to my surprise, the Browns earned their respect.  The game was close and whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis?  It was the coming out party of one Peyton Hillis.


0-3 and on come the Bengals and TO, does anyone remember him having a show with Ocho?  I barely did and the Browns didn't either, as Cleveland would win in a relative breather.


Home vs. Atlanta and another close game.  Seneca Wallace played well and wasn't to blame.  Onto Pittsburgh, the debut of Colt McCoy, another loss but the kid played far from a boy.


Onto the Bayou for a trick play filled win, Eric Mangini finally broke a grin.  After the bye week things would get even better, unless you had money on the game, as the one-loss Patriots left Cleveland in shame!