By Brad VanFossan


When you left, we were pissed, but deep down, you were sorely missed.  We burned your jersey and cursed your name, because we knew our team would never be the same.


Your biggest fans turned into haters, because we were left with the likes of Dion Waiters.


It wasn't enough that you leaving caused us to frown, the front office had the nerve to bring back Mike Brown.  Dan Gilbert called you out like a teenage girl scorned, the Cavs will win a title first, our fearless owner warned.


But yes that of course did not come true, and we didn't sniff .500 before you had two.  Instead of Joe Tait saying "Wham with a right hand!", you were dishing off to Ray Allen and Chris the Bird Man.  We were so bitter, some dummy made up Cavs for Mavs, as Dirk and his boys made you and D Wade sad...but it wasn't so bad, sure you were mad, but KD and the Thunder would soon make you glad.


Title number one within two years, while up here we were switching gears, from having the league's best record, and being the East's first class, to one of the league's worst and the first pick in the draft.  No athlete leaving affected his team more, since Jordan kind of retired before getting ring number four.


Just a kid from Akron is what you claimed to be, but to the people who lived in that city, your sign was a constant reminder of what used to be...what we once had and what we'd never see...our local hero, in a Cavs uni, holding the ultimate trophy.  Four years later a rumor gained steam, was our hometown star set to rejoin his old team?


On July 11th at around lunch, that rumor became more than a hunch.  The King told SI he was returning home, back to the Cavs, to his original throne.  In a two-year deal that could turn into more, we are all hoping we can turn that into a score...the ultimate goal, a world title.  The Cavs may not win the Finals, nothing's a given, but one thing's for sure, Lebron is redeemed and he is driven.  We now have hope, for the chance, to get back to and this time win the big dance.