By Brad VanFossan


The no talent ass clown in the picture might have just as good a shot to beat Pittsburgh as Colt McCoy.  And Colt McCoy could very well be on dancing with the stars in a couple years. 


Down to their 3rd string quarterback, the Browns will head to Pittsburgh Sunday in what looks like the equivalent of an Ohio State vs Miami of Ohio or any other MAC school matchup for Pittsburgh.  In other words, it's the closest thing to a lock as you'll see in the NFL.  Rarely do you see 14 point spreads in the pros, but that's exactly how many points the Steelers are favored by.  The Steelers are Goliath, Clubber Lang, Mike Tyson in his prime, and the YouTube version of Kimbo Slice all wrapped into one.  The question is, do the Browns have any David, Rocky Balboa, Buster Douglas, or any fill in the blank UFC fighter in them?  


The answer is a surprising yes.  Remember last December when the Browns were 1-11 and playing with a roster of guys who were coaching kids after school in United Way rec leagues?  Well that group lacking superstar talent, and number one draft picks put on quite a show sacking Ben Roethlisberger eight times on the way to the Browns first win vs. Pittsburgh since 2003.  Since the Browns returned 11 years ago, the Steelers haven't felt a Browns player hit them with the force that T.J. Ward has the potential to hit them with.  He has the potential to literally knock someone out of the game, i.e. Wines Hard, errrrr Hines Ward. 


Yes I'm biased, and I'm ready to take the ribbing I will undoubtedly get if the Browns get their arses handed to them, but I think they are going to stick around in this game.  There is that chance that Ben could be rusty, throw an untimely interception or two, and the Browns get a spark from newly acquired Mike Bell and not turn the ball over.  You never know.  But one thing I do know for sure,  with all logic thrown out the window..........I still believe.