By Brad VanFossan


No Bill Belichcik is not Eric Mangini's father, but he did teach him some Jedi mind tricks over the years.  Colt McCoy and Peyton Hillis did their best Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo impressions to take out the dark side (well New England's not Pittsburgh, but good enough for now) 34-14. 

The understudy (Mangini) now has three victories over his mentor (Belichick), and this one was loud, Motley Crue live kind of loud.  The Browns would have beat any team in the NFL today.  Period.  This team is gaining momentum at the same speed that the aging process is taking over Bret Favre's body.  That is Usain Bolt fast.  More importantly than a single win on an NFL Sunday, it appears the Browns might finally (after 11 years) have their franchise quarterback.  Some of Colt McCoy's throws were a little behind the receivers and low, but still acurate enough to have not get intercepted for the second game in a row.  The kid seems to pick things up quickly, and has the instinct we haven't seen in this town since Bernie Kosar.  He's fundamentally sound, and to go along with that, he's agile in the pocket, and can run for positive yardage if need be.

And where do I start with Peyton Hillis.  We seriously got this guy for Brady Quinn.  Highway robbery.  Hillis is going to rush for over 1,000 yards and score over 10 touchdowns this year.  He also has more passing yards than Quinn this year.  I just hope he takes it easy hurdling opponents so he doesn't sustain an injury.  The Pro Bowl is awaiting you sir.

I really wouldn't want to be the overrated New York Jets at this point.  Nor Braylon Edwards for that matter.  T.J. Ward will be waiting patiently over the middle of the field for butterfingers to attempt to catch one over the middle.  Rob Ryan is going to leave Rex Ryan wishing the post game meal would just get there already next week.  Mark my words.  This team is going to make a push at the AFC North title, or a wild card berth.  Believe me, I didn't think they were going to win more than a couple games about a month ago.  But that was before our Luke Skywalker started taking the snaps under center.  As for the rest of the season, let's not see what happens and hope for the best, let's win the rest of 'em.  Like Yoda would say, there's no try, only do!