By Brad VanFossan


.....teams in baseballl over the last three weeks or so.  By the way, before I get into the meat of this article, I'm digging the Frederick's of Hollywood banner ad at the top of this blog, very nice!  I encourage any ladies reading this to click on it!  Haha!  Ok, so where was I?  Oh yeah, the Indians, I guess I will get back to them if I must.  It seemed like yesterday they were 30-15 and running away with the AL Central, and I had posted on Facebook I was going to order World Series tickets.  Well what I didn't specify was who was going to be playing in the World Series, because right now it sure as hell won't be the Indians!


More people than I care to mention have said we need Travis Hafner's bat back in the lineup.  Seriously?  Sure he's hitting for average, but he's the Indians version of Derek Jeter, but in a more manly frame.  What I mean by this is that he's a glorified singles hitter that mistakenly put in our minds the vision of a home run hitter because he had a walk off to win a game about a month ago.  His bat in this lineup wouldn't have kept this team from losing 15 of their last 20 games.  Yikes!  The Weiner weiner picture and sext messages have gotten around more than the Tribe bats have gotten around on any given AL pitcher's fastball, curveball, change-up, and slider lately.  Even Lebron thinks the Indians offense isn't clutch.


Another common misperception, is that even a word or am I channeling my inner Roger Clemens and misremembering what is real and what belongs in the urban dictionary.  Anyways, another fan misperception is that we need to bring guys up from the minors.  Well yeah, in some cases this might not be a bad thing, but the Indians farm system offers no power bats, but instead some guys that can hit for average (at least in the minors) i.e. Cord Phelps, Jason Kipnis, and Lonnie Chisenhal to name a few, but we already have those guys up on the big club.  This club has less power than a Sarah Palin presidential movement, hits for a lower average than Arnold Schwarzenegger at a Molly Maid convention, and the charisma of Mike Hegan (see WTAM 1100 Cleveland).


Yes I can get on this team because it's my team.  I believe in reverse physcology, well kinda not really but I can always fall back on that if fortunes reverse.  The bottom line is this team got off to a start that made me a believer, just like everyone else.  I fell for the bait.  Heck, we needed to feel this after the previous Browns and Cavs season, so even if we wanted to deep down feel that this hot start was a fluke, we wouldn't allow ourselves to.  But in all reality, the Tribe is only a game out of first on June 15th, and can end up being a game up two days from now with six home games vs. a .500 Pittsburgh Pirates team and a hovering above .500 Colorado Rockies team.  So it's not the end of the world, besides, that was supposed to be about a month ago and we all made it through that.  For all the negativity that I've spewed I think the Indians will take one of the next two vs. Detroit and 2 of 3 from both Pittsburgh and Colorado.  I just can't predict too much from there, but all I can say is just keep rooting with hopeful optimism as I don't think we'll see another brutal stretch like this.......until July!  Just kidding!  Kinda sorta not really.  P.S.   Thank you Dirk and the Dallas Mavericks!