By Brad VanFossan


but you were gone in a blink of an eye errrrr a billion blinks, but close enough.

Chief Wahoo is to the Indians what Charlie Sheen is to Two and a Half Men.  Ok, humor me, but in all seriousness, unfortunately the Indians aren't obessesd with "winning" as much as Charlie Sheen aka Ricky Vaughn and Charlie Harper are.  The Chief hasn't yet been totally removed, but he's been sent to the room next to the room containing the kid's table.  The next step : the attic, but not with Aerosmith or Clark Griswold's family videos, but in a box caked with dust destined to end up on Hoarders or Hardcore Pawn never to be seen again.


Has anyone else noticed this Spring Training that the Indians have predominantly been wearing the block "C" logo hats and that even the logo on the scoreboard at the Goodyear, AZ training facility is also the block "C", and not the familiar, wide grin Chief Yahoo?  What gives?  The writing has been on the wall for almost a decade now, beginning in 2001 with the script "I" hats, and the Chief being shrinked on the hats, almost to the point you could barely even see it on TV.  Which by the way made the Indians hats pretty lame from a fashion standpoint, that's really why most of us buy hats isn't it?  Admit it.  At least some of the time it is and if it's not, you're lying or don't care about your self image.  Just kidding, kind of.


The writing was really on the wall this past winter when the Indians debuted their new 2011 uniforms.  There weren't really many major changes, but one thing that really stood out was that a Chief patch appeared only on the side sleeves of all the jerseys, while two new block "C" hats had been introduced.   Maybe I'm being a bit of a conspiracy theorist, but it sure seems like they are kicking him to the proverbial curb, much like the way the rest of the American League has done to the Indians the last few years, and more than likely will in 2011 as well.  You know that whole truth hurts thing.


I've never ran into anyone who has found the Chief Wahoo logo offensive, and if I ever did, I would tell them tough.  You should be honored that a major league baseball team that is 110 years old, is honoring your heritage with a name and logo that millions of people have seen over the years.  Wouldn't you want the legacy of your family and nationality to live on?  I would be proud if they were the Cleveland Flying Dutchmen, even if the guy had a big grin and was holding a beer stein.  Seriously Indians front office and ownership, worry about putting some players that are worth a crap on the field, and giving us fans a reason to make the trip to Progressive Field, than about if your logo is PC enough for people who aren't even baseball fans!