By Brad VanFossan


First off I want to say I know that I wrote disparagingly about the NBA not too long ago.  And I'm still not a huge fan of the league, but I have been drawn into the playoffs a little bit since the Stanley Cup Finals started off being a dud, they have since turned the corner but the Celtics having a shot to knock out the Heat earlier than anyone anticipated drew my interest a bit.  And also the fact that the Oklahoma City Thunder, the team I've been saying should win it all, knocked out the veteran laden San Antonio Spurs after going down 0-2 in the series.  This is a talented, exciting, and young team that could become a dynasty.  They are an NBA team worth watching.  But I digress, back to The King without a ring.


ESPN is acting as if Lebron James has won something in his life.  So he had two good games to finish off an old and decrepit Boston Celtics team.  This suddenly makes him Michael Jordan?  Apparently ESPN thinks so.  I haven't seen this level of ass kissing ever before, not even when the Yankees and Red Sox are in the World Series, and baseball is the more popular and storied sport.  But being that ESPN has the rights to televise the NBA, they need to force feed it down my throat, much like Progressive trying to force that savings guy on me, when it's obvious it's a marketing fail.  I know Flo was a winner Progressive, but let's not try to get too cute, you can't win them all. 


Lebron is a mental midget who has been spoon fed since middle school never having had to work for anything he has.  He had people chirping in his ear and kissing his prepubescent butt before he could legally drive a car.  Why work hard when people give you free sneakers, maybe monetary gifts, and later on a vehicle (allegedly).  Why worry about having what it takes to want the last shot?  Why not just pass the ball to a teammate for the last shot when your entourage is still going to suck up to you after the game anyway?  I don't care about two stellar playoff games, Lebron is a quitter.  I'm not even bitter about him leaving Cleveland anymore, that's not the issue.  The guy fears being the man. 


Jordan, Magic, and Bird didn't need to join teams that already had a superstar in place to get over the hump, plus Lebron has still yet to get over it and isn't going to again this year.  The Thunder will win this series 4 games to 2, and yet another superstar, Kevin Durant will have his first ring at a younger age while Lebron has failed to get one yet again, and another year of wear and tear on the body goes by.  The NBA Finals = huge pressure.  Huge pressure = fragile Lebron. 


The stage is too big.  If the Heat stay in this series it will be because Dwyane Wade is playing at a stellar level, and will be the guy taking shots in key moments late in the game, probably after having the ball passed to him from Lebron.  Lebron quit on the Cavs in 2010 vs. Boston, quit on the Heat in 2011 vs. Dallas, and will quit again vs. the Thunder in 2012.  But apparently ESPN just sweeps this under the rug, this network has become a laughing stock to true sports fans that can see through the bullshit. 


I'm not saying Lebron isn't a great player and isn't an amazing athlete, but there are a lot of amazing athletes in the NBA and professional sports.  But there are a select few who are clutch and have the heart to win a championship.  Lebron isn't that.  Lebron acts as if he's fought the battles in the street growing up and earned his way out of the hood on his own, and his fellow peers in the NBA know this is a front.  The guy is not liked amongst his peers, respected to an extent, but not liked.  Congratulations on your third runner up Lebron, you're almost in Buffalo Bills territory now.