By Brad VanFossan



Leaders usually can be seen and heard, whether they want to be or not.  Some make it a point to be, and some lead by example.  But when you are the team President of an NFL franchise,  especially the President of one with arguably one of if not thee most passionate fan base in the league, you have to be able to handle criticism better, and a little more professionally.  Especially when you've done absolutely nothing to prove this team is headed in the right direction.


During Wednesday's press conference called to clear up the Colt McCoy concussion-gate, Mike Holmgren came across as agitated, condescending, and almost unprofessional.  He came across as how dare the media question him in how his coaching and medical staff handled Colt McCoy after he received a helmet to helmet blow from Steeler James Harrison, who if not for football, probably couldn't even run the register at Target.  But I digress.  You know who has a right to know Mike?  Ever last damn media member and fan in this town!  You sent your first year yes-man head coach Pat Shurmur out to be eaten up alive by the media regarding this situation the day before and it went over about as well as any given 2012 GOP candidate debate.  This whole Colt McCoy situation has been an embarrassment in the way the Cleveland Browns handled it from top to bottom, basically mirroring the play on the field since 19 freaking 99! 


Your job Mike is to be seen and heard, or at least to give the fans an idea of what you actually do.  To me it looks like you've taken a Peter Gibbons from Office Space stand, where you've been doing nothing all day and it's been everything you've ever imagined.  On top of that, you're getting paid $10 million to do it.  Is Randy Lerner being hoodwinked yet again by a guy that told him everything he wanted to hear to get a nice fat contract worth more than even some of the top players in the game make?  We don't want to hear about your shitty Seahawks team that was 4-9 winning their last three games to finish 7-9 Mike.  You're not in Seattle anymore, even if your heart and head have been there the entire two years you've been in Cleveland.  Another reason why I think this guy will be gone sooner than expected. 


Being the leader of a team in a town so starved for a winner you're going to get questions of wtf's going on Mike?  Because yes it is the same old, same old, despite what you say and think.  The proof is in the record both this year and last.  We still don't have a franchise quarterback, no receivers, and our coach is lost in the back yard.  We really aren't far removed from the expansion 1999 team, and at least that team beat Pittsburgh.  So Mike, instead of being angered by our media and fans that want accountability, be accountable.  Bring us a winner, not excuses.  Earn that $10 million, because you're talk's not cheap.