By Brad VanFossan

Am I a fool to fall for rebuild #11 since 1999?  So far, yes.  I always try to tell myself the preseason is irrelevant for the most part, but sometimes I start to think, well maybe we will be better this year, maybe we do have a couple guys who will have breakout years, then the regular season wake up call sounds and it's more annoying than the Antelope alarm tone on a Blackberry.

In the preseason Jake Delhomme looked like Peyton Manning, even equipped with a southern drawl, but minus the Super Bowl ring, goofy side part hair, the national commercials and well you get it.  Today Jake Delhomme looked like Jake Delhomme the 35 year old quarterback who had more interceptions last year than Lady Gaga has hideous outfits.

Before between 1pm-4pm today, my Browns world was one of optimism and hope and then at about 4pm, the actual world I live in reminded me that gravity still exists, I am a Cleveland sports fan, the coach is still Eric Mangini, and well I needed to come back to earth.  The yearly reality check was promptly given to me in the form of a 17-14 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the NFL's equivalent of the Pittsburgh Pirates or Cleveland Indians.

All is not lost on the season yet, but it could be as early as a week from now.  Kansas City isn't a very good team but they have a talented running back in Jamaal Charles, a serviceable quarterback in Matt Casell, and they want to avenge last year's loss to the Browns at Arrowhead Stadium.  The home opener won't be a gimme, and could be the beginning of the end of the Eric Mangini era.  That might not be a bad thing, but going 0-2 with games vs. Baltimore, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and New England (to name a few),coming up, will be.  Yikes. 

So baseball in Cleveland was over in May, and football could be in September.  What to do now?  O, H,...............