By Brad VanFossan



That picture must become a reality for the Cleveland Browns.  No matter what the cost is to acquire the Rams #2 overall pick, the Browns must give them whatever they want for it.  And with that pick, they can possibly change the direction of a franchise that has been a joke since 1999 in as long as it takes Roger Goodell to say with the 2nd pick in the 2012 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select Robert Griffin the 3rd, Quarterback, Baylor.  Sure there are no sure things, but one thing that is for sure in today's NFL is that you will not get to the Super Bowl without an elite quarterback.  Sure, Baltimore almost got there with Joe Flacco, and the 49ers almost got there with Alex Smith, but neither of those teams will surpass the level they reached this year with just a good quarterback.  It takes a great quarterback, one that can make the kind of throw that Eli Manning did to Mario Manningham on the last Giants drive of the Super Bowl.  The kind of throws that Aaron Rodgers made in Super Bowl XXLV vs. the Steelers.  It takes that kind of special talent in order to have a Lombardi trophy on display at your team's headquarters.


The Browns cannot keep treading water on guys like Colt McCoy.  They can't keep taking quarterbacks in the mid rounds hoping to catch lightning in a bottle.  It only happens once every decade or so, and that's being generous.  Stop trying to be too cute Mike Holmgren, you're really not going to impress us by taking Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M and grooming him into a 9-7 possible wild card, first round loss quarterback, while wasting another three years getting to that point.  We want, and need to win now.  Period.  Robert Griffin the 3rd might not be Cam Newton, in face he's not physically yet, but he damn sure has a chance to be that kind of play maker over time.  This is a risk that would well be worth the reward.  If it doesn't work out then so what?  You're the Browns, you stink every year, so we would stink for a few more, nothing lost, nothing gained.  But I'd be willing to bet the house that this won't be the case.  We need a QB with not only the ability, but the smarts, attitude, and leadership qualities that RG3 brings.  It's time to change the mentality in Berea.  There's no better time or person to start doing that.


I almost hate sounding so serious in writing this, I guess my fandom is coming through.  The picture above is a picture of hope to a fan base starving for a winner, and wanting so badly to be proud of the team they pour three or more hours into emotionally on NFL Sundays.  And more importantly, it's about bragging rights, winning, and winning a championship.  It's about beating Pittsburgh consistently like we used to, and beating Baltimore who is also going to be aging along with Pittsburgh.  It's about division titles, the playoffs, and getting to that first Super Bowl.  Sure we make fun of our team, at least I do, but deep down we know it would be one of the greatest days ever to be able to have a Super Bowl party, a Browns Super Bowl party.  Cleveland can be one step closer than that this April, and all it will take are a few draft picks.  Attitude is a choice, and in this case the choice is simple.