By Brad VanFossan


I feel for those that actually have to cover this team on a daily basis.  It's like the movie Groundhog Day running perpetually since 1999.  That might be pun overkill but so be it.  It always works this way, this team is wrote off and everyone thinks they have no chance to win (i.e. today at Baltimore), and then they go and make a game of it, only to break our hearts in the end.  Damn me for starting to care again.  Damn Peyton Hillis for caring, but he came from Denver so that attitude wasn't instilled here, so I'll let him slide.  It's the same freaking crap every year with this team.  Can someone call that nun that always gives the Indians players cookies and see if she knows a priest who can exercise the talent out of this team?  Oh, you mean we have to have more than one kick off returner turned wide receiver on this team before that can happen?  In other words I'm saying once again this team lacks talent.


And sorry to the forementioned Josh Cribbs, TJ Ward, Joe Haden, and Peyton Hillis, you guys have showed me something.  And enough with Cribbs at wide receiver, it's taking too much out of him and he's been a non factor on returns.  At least we had a shot to score TD's on kickoffs in the past, sadly that would keep us in some games and now that threat seems to be gone.  And maybe Eric Mangini isn't Vince Lombardi or even Sam Rutigliano for that matter, but when you're handed (without having a say in the matter) Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace it's like being asked to cook the winning meal on Iron Chef and being given only Ramen noodles to use.


Sure Brian Dabol is a bland coordinator and should be shown the door soon.  What other team racks up over 140 yards on the ground and doesn't incorporate some play action here and there?  The answer: no one.  *No one but the Browns I mean.  I'm almost hoping for more blackouts.  It's just easier that way.  If CBS doesn't care enough in the state of Ohio to not show the game, why should I?  I think I'm getting further perterbed as I write this.  Just kidding.  Oh, and Eric Wright stinks.


One thing I do enjoy is watching All Bets are Off on Sunday nights to catch Bruce's reaction to yet another loss and the callers melt downs.  It's almost comical anymore.  Dear STO, please note the free plug, thank you ;)  So when your team is down if you're not a Browns fan, and they need a win, and a little confidence boost, don't frown, just ask Roger Goodell to send in the Browns.