By Brad VanFossan



1.  The Browns are basically telling Johnny Manziel that he will not get the chance to beat out Brian (three career NFL starts) Hoyer for the starting job in training camp.  What supposedly elite first round draft pick quarterback is told right off the bat they'll be backing up an unproven and formerly un drafted quarterback?  If you are supposed to be the best coming out of this year's draft, which was argued by many, you should be at least given some of the first team looks, if not all.  The last guy that had to sit for a year that ended up decent was Carson Palmer, but he at least learned behind a proven vet in Jon Kitna.  Do you remember when the Colts told Andrew Luck he would have to beat out Drew Stanton in camp?  Neither do I.


2.  It's usually not a good omen when the Browns trade up to draft someone.  See Trent Richardson (2012), Kamerion Wimbley (2006), and Kellen Winslow Jr. (2004).


3.  It's also not a good omen when the Browns select a quarterback 22nd overall.  See Brandon Weeden (2012) and Brady Quinn (2007).


4.  People are flocking to purchase Johnny Football merchandise.  For Browns fans this can only mean his stay will only last two to three years.  How many skill position players that the Browns have drafted that everyone just had to have their jersey had a lasting career with the Browns?  Braylon Edwards, Tim Couch, Trent Richardson, Brandon Weeden, William Green and Brady Quinn to name a few.  Oh and Nike raised jersey prices this season, great timing.  And to counter, Joe Thomas doesn't play a skill position.


5.  The Browns drafted someone before you at #8 overall in Justin Gilbert, if you were the best QB prospect, you would have gone in this slot.  Taking a CB in the first round isn't exactly a bad thing, but teams who need a QB don't usually do that.  You are like Kris Humphries before Kanye, or maybe even Reggie Bush, at this point my credibility is dwindling by the key stroke.  It's a sad state of affairs that I know about Kim Kardashian's former and current lovers, but hell, who doesn't?


6.  All the teams that needed a quarterback passed on you.  And yes, you is referring to Johnny Manziel, as if we are sitting down having a coffee at The Mocha House in Youngstown, Ohio.  And ok, Minnesota did take a QB with the last pick of the first round, but they made a trade to do so, no one was showing interest in Manziel except for perhaps the Texans with their second round pick, but yet the Browns, not only took him but traded up to do so.  As Myron Cope used to say, double yoi!


7.  Johnny Manziel is already loaded, well his family is.  Is the motivation really going to be there for a guy that is already set for life?  He doesn't need his job per se.  He is like a trust fund crack baby fueled by Monster energy drinks.


8.  Johnny likes to party.  Sure, is hasn't caused him to miss any practices so far, but being out in clubs and Vegas and back home in Houston over and over can only lead to a fast derailment and those $115 Nike jerseys ending up at TJMaxx and or Marshall's.


9.  He doesn't have an NFL body.  I will give him that he could still put on a few lbs. but he's not going to get any taller.  Sure, you can say Tom Brady wasn't exactly a physical specimen coming into the NFL, but Manziel isn't exactly being coached by Bill Belichick either.  The jury is still out on Mike Pettine, but he doesn't exactly get the benefit of the doubt given the Browns coaching history, on top of that Pettine is a defensive specialist who thinks Brian Hoyer is and I'm paraphrasing securely ahead of Manziel.


10.  This is the no brainer of this's the Browns!  And I'm not being a smart ass, but until you prove me wrong, I'm going to believe you're going to fail, especially at drafting quarterbacks, and this was a rookie front office calling the shots...again.