By Brad VanFossan



Was the Browns pick of 28 year old Brandon Weeden of Oklahoma State a reach?  Yes and No.  I don't mind the pick at all, I think the kid or somewhat young man can be the real deal, but I also think he could have been had with the Browns second round pick at #37 overall.  One bad thing is if the Browns don't add some offensive weapons on Friday and Saturday in rounds two through seven, it might be a wasted year of starting a quarterback that doesn't have the luxury of wasting years.


But let's say Weeden is able to play to age 35, Weeden who will turn 29 on October 14th (great birthday month by the way), the Browns would get seven years out of him.  That would be several years more than they have gotten out of any quarterback since their return in 1999, which included Tim Couch who was 21 years old when he was drafted, and Brady Quinn, who was 22 when drafted.  Both of those guys were also first round picks. 


And so what if Golden Corral, Osteoflex, Hoveround, POS T VAC, and Dr. Scholls offer Brandon Weeden endorsement opportunities?  In essence, this was a bonus first round pick.  It wasn't as much of a risk as only having one first rounder.  The Browns got, in what they and their fans hope will be a franchise running back for at least a half decade, in Trent Richardson with the #3 overall pick.


Getting back to Brandon Weeden, with his age does come the necessity that he starts immediately as in Game 1 of the 2012 season.  This means good bye Colt McCoy, who I look to be traded on day two or three of the draft.  The candle burned out long before his F150 ever did.  Oh, and for Sheetz and giggles (I'll take three more cents off my gas for royalties, not asking for much), McCoy was 23 when he was drafted, and two short years later, he joins the long list of former Browns quarterbacks riding off into the sunset, and when I say sunset, I mean crossing the bridge to nowhere.


Time will tell if this risk-reward is indeed a reward, but I give the Browns brass credit for going after the guy they wanted despite much criticism.  So the Fountain of Old originates in Cleveland, much like water catching fire did.  Wait, is that where Adele got the idea for that song?  Looks like I just discovered who a secret brownies fan is, I mean Browns.  So the lesson in all of this is, some things like wine get better with age, so Browns fans stop whining, and get ready to embrace winning.