By Brad VanFossan


This can't be our beloved Cleveland Indians can it?  And I use the term beloved loosely, more like love in the way that I loved tearing part of my bicep, and the way I love getting bondings at the dentist.  Can you blame me for my love-hate relationship that has been formed more so on the foundation of luke-warm like since the playoff collapse of 2007?  It's not so much that I'm a typical jaded Cleveland sports fan, I have just become apathetic.  Thanks Indians for sucking me back in when I didn't have feelings for you anymore.


Since giving up 23 runs in losing their first two games of the season, Cleveland has won six in a row and has outscored their opponents 33-10 in winning their next six.  Thats 1.6 runs a game for the opponents.  That = great pitching, starting and relieving.  It was thought that that's what the Indians would have to have this year to even be semi-competitive, but they are not only getting great pitching (aside from the first two games), they are also getting great offense, scoring in double digits twice in the first eight games.


Although the Indians have only cracked over 10,000 in attendance since opening day, I have a feeling bigger crowds will await at Progressive Field after the current west coast trip.  I'm not talking a huge difference, but I wouldn't be surprised to see 15k or more on average at the next home series.  I think everyone is still taking a wait and see approach.  I know Seattle is a big pile of steaming dog crap, but the Boston Red Sox are not, and the Tribe swept them at home, doing so for the first time at home since August of 2001.  So right now I'm carrying on with cautious optimism, because we've all been done this road before.  I so want to believe though.


So whoever is supplying Travis Hafner with HGH again, keep giving it to him (wink wink).  It's been nice being able to enjoy watching baseball again.  I'm still not a fan of alot of the trades over recent years, and the front office not even trying to bring in free agents and or spend money on players we already had, but I will give the guys on the field my support, as they are playing hard and making it fun to be an Indians fan again.  It's early, but it's better to be on top then looking up, well at least in the standings.