By Brad VanFossan


It's a week before the trade deadline and all through the clubhouse, players are walking around, wondering how did they get into their hitting woes, did they break a superstition, maybe tried a different way of putting on their clothes?  How are we major leaguers and not scoring runs?  Are we losing the season, are we possibly done? 


We can't win games at home and blow games in the 9th when we're away, we can't really blame our fans for wanting to stray.  Rumors of big moves about a right handed power bat, c'mon we're Cleveland fans, do you really believe that?  Remember we are the Indians, our options are few and narrow, most likely we'll end up with Coco Crisp or Jamie Carroll. 


When our pitching's on our hitting is a dud, when the bats are hot, our pitching is crud.  Oh Cleveland baseball how you make us so badly want to believe, but that impending doom is right up your sleeve.  Please Mr. Dolan, open up your pockets, I'm tired of this offense looking like Mike Myers in Sprockets.  So far there's been no reason for us to believe we'll be in this thing the second half of the season.  Detroit looks like they are locked in to pull away, while at Progressive Field Lifehouse sings and teenage girls sway. 


This is turning sad and sappy, but it reflects our play of uninspired and crappy.  We love hanging banners in Akron and Columbus, while our parent club fans grow angry and rambunctious.  We're in this thing now so let's go all in, get us some damn players that give us a chance to win!  Give up some prospects and get us some major leaguers, it's been 63 years, we're way more than eager!  Carlos Beltran and Hunter Pence, c'mon Mark Shapiro get off of the fence.  Give these other teams whoever they want and one player more, because the team on the field right now is more than a bore.  So make us proud Tribe and show that you care, improve this team, and bring back some of that Jacobs Field flare.  I want to feel that 90s magic again, even just a taste, we're 1 1/2 games out, please, this season, don't waste.