By Brad VanFossan


The Browns offense today had the legitamacy of Bristol Palin's call in votes.  In other words, it was a joke.  How do you win a game after having six turnovers?  Better yet, how do you lose a game after forcing six turnovers?  Well, ask the Browns and offense coordinator Brian Dabol.  Dabol's playcalling had less creativity than the SafeAuto jingle, and there were no plays set up just in case the Browns had multiple opportunities handed to them working with a short field after a turnover. 

The Browns are the football version of Paula Abdul's "opposites attract" video, taking two steps forward (wins over New Orleans and New England), and taking two steps back (a fumbling overtime loss to the Jets and wetting the bed vs. Jacksonville).  I'm now imagining Eric Mangini dancing with the animated cat in the video, but then realize that's not realistic.  Eric Mangini has the charisma of a dormant twitter account.....see therealBradVan.

I mean seriously, Jacksonville?  David Garrard?  Jacksonville is probably the least desirable city to tourists out of the cities that have NFL teams.  Well, ok so Cleveland isn't exactly Hawaii but you get my drift.  Not even the corporations that have the naming rights to Jacksonville's stadium can stay in business (Alltel). 

What we can take from this loss is that the Browns are severely lacking receivers, need another running back to give Peyton Hillis a breather, and need more consistency in the offensive playcalling, as far as consistently mixing it up more than run, run, pass, punt.  I will admit, I bought into the hype and was wrong saying this team would make a run at the division and the playoffs, that was totally miopic of me.  But, it is nice that the Browns are at least in games now, and pretty much have been in every one outside of the Pittsburgh game which was Colt McCoy's first game, which by the way here's hoping his knee injury will be a minor one with a quick return to the starting lineup Sunday, please!

Another lesson from today: there are no games you can "circle" in the NFL, not Jacksonville, not Buffalo, not Carolina, well ok, you can circle Carolina.  But tis the begin debating who to draft next year!