By Brad VanFossan I have been saying to my friends and co-workers that three straight losses to end the season would seal Eric Mangini's fate. Well, I don't even need to wait for the losses to Baltimore and Pittsburgh to determine that the once former rolly poll Mangini has to go. Sure the team was somewhat improved, and the malcontents from the previous regime have been shipped out in Mangini's tenure, or two-ure I should say, but there are more cons than pros if you take a look back on the last couple years, especially year two. Let's look more recently, specifically after Colt McCoy's injury. Mangini stubbornly brought back Jake Delhomme as the starting quarterback, who did nothing but play terrible in the beginning of the year, while backup Seneca Wallace, who played admirably before Colt McCoy showed the nation he was the real deal. It is about winning right? Or is it about holding grudges. Word has it Wallace had voiced his displeasure about not starting over Jake, which in turn ticked Mangini off I'm sure. It seems once Mangini determines he doesn't like a player, they rarely see the field, never see it again, or get traded. See Evan Moore, Jarome Harrison, Seneca Wallace, etc.. Oh, and Chansi Stuckey for Braylon Edwards? How can we forget about the Jekyll and Hyde playcalling of offensive coordinator Brian Daboll? The guy handpicked by Mangini, who had the creativity of the marketing campaign for generic goods. You mix things up vs. New Orleans and a little bit vs. New England and then you go back to run, run, pass punt, pounding Peyton Hillis up the middle continually as if the defenses had a lobotomy which prevents them from making adjustments. Again, this is Mangini's guy, and he has the final say so in any plays that are called. And sticking with Jake Delhomme while he showed the promise of the movie SALT is just inexcusable. I just can't get over this. Seneca Wallace almost lead the Browns to a win vs. the 11-2 Atlanta Falcons before he got hurt in the second half of that game. But a tin man-esque Jake Delhomme "gives us the best chance to win" according to the Mangenous. And finally, let's look at the last few games. At home vs. a one win Carolina Panther team, the Browns were inches away from losing and escaped thanks to a missed Carolina field goal as time expired. That's right, almost losing to a team with one win, but wait there's more! Bring on the two win Buffalo Bills, we've beat them three times in a row prior to this matchup, no problem right? Wrong, there indeed was a problem. An inept Browns team looked putrid in losing to the two, well now three win Bills. See a trend? Bring on the two win Bengals, also on the midst of a ten game losing streak, TEN! Who better than to end that streak? Don't answer that. Oh, and who can forget kicking field goals while within the 5 yard line in both the Buffalo and Cincinnati games on fourth down while trailing? Seriously? What do you got to lose at this point, a playoff berth? Oh wait, your job! Or jobs plural as in Daboll and Mangini. I rest my case, I wanted to like this guy, I really did, but the more I saw his arrogance in his press conferences, and the stupid games on who would be the quarterback all the way up til the last minute, and the losses to terrible teams in terrible fashion, I have decided that another coach gives the Browns "the best chance to win"